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Porsche 3D WebGL Configurator

The Porsche WebCC leverages cutting-edge Unity WebGL technology to bring a realistic 3D car configurator directly to your web browser. Enjoy all the familiar WebCC features—color changes, interior selections, and more—in a seamlessly interactive experience.

Year: 2018-2020

Image credits to ©3DExcite and © Porsche AG

About Project

The Porsche WebCC project was a pioneering initiative, utilizing an advanced automated pipeline from Deltagen to Unity, resulting in an immersive, realistic, web based car configurator experience(WebCC).

The project was successfully integrated into Porsche’s official website, offering visitors a captivating and interactive 3D experience.

Project Development


To enhance the online car-buying experience for Porsche enthusiasts, Porsche GmBH partnered with 3DExcite to create a configurator for the 911 and Tycan models. This user-friendly tool seamlessly integrates traditional image-based customization with a state-of-the-art 3D web configurator, offering a comprehensive and interactive way to personalize these dream cars.

The immersive 360-degree car configurator was successfully delivered to Porsche and was live on their official website, providing visitors with a stunning and interactive 3D experience.

  • Seamless On-Click Model Import: Developed functionalities within Delatgen for importing car models with all looks and variant options seamlessly preserved.
  • Direct Authoring Bridge: Streamlined the authoring process for complex 150% models by directly connecting the imported projects to Delatgen’s variant-switching tool.
  • Optimized for WebGL Speed: Implemented targeted Unity optimizations to ensure faster loading times within the web browser environment.
  • Production Support: Provided consistent and effective support in resolving diverse production challenges, including import malfunctions and bug encounters.
  • Proactive R&D for Reducing Load Times: R&D efforts to identify and implement various techniques and build optimization strategies, aimed at significantly reducing the Unity WebGL project’s loading time.

My Role and Responsibilities

Tools and Technology

  • Game Engine: Unity 2017
  • Scripting: C#, Javascript
  • Version Control: Bitbucket
  • Project Management: Agile Methodology, Scrum, Jira, Confluence
  • Platform: WebGL

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