About Me

“I think, therefore I am.” – René Descartes

Who am I ?

I’m Kailash Vetal, a passionate software developer by day and a gamer, learner, and tech tinkerer by night. Here, you’ll find a mix of code snippets and coffee confessions, technical deep dives, and bookworm musings. So, whether you’re looking for coding tips, travel inspiration, or just a good laugh, pull up a chair and stay awhile. Let’s embark on this digital adventure together!

More about me

I single-task.

Multitasking? Not my forte. From sandbox days to adulthood, I’ve thrived on a singular focus. Instead of doing 100 different things, I believe in doing one thing at a time and doing it right. Maybe a scene from Spongebob here can explain this to you.

I walk away by default

I choose my battles very carefully. I care deeply about many things, so I’m selective about when and where I decide to fight. In life, I’ve found that not every fight is worth winning. Choosing your battles wisely is key to achieving real victories. Stand tall for what truly matters to you, but for the rest, I choose to walk away.

I am very mindful about time.

Time, to me, is a currency more precious than gold. I’m fiercely protective of my time. Mindlessly consuming entertainment, binge-watching? No way. I have protected myself from such trends. I enjoy activities that spark growth, creativity, or deep connection.

I follow Minimalism.

Minimalism is a philosophy that helped me cut through the noise and rediscover what truly mattered. It’s not just about owning less, it’s about living deliberately, prioritizing peace, and aligning my life with my values. The result? Now I am in peace with myself and life most of the time.

I reject mediocrity

I am deliberate. I firmly believe in the potential for improvement in our lives. It’s within our reach to enhance various aspects of our lives through effort. I observe many individuals settling for mediocrity, content to remain stagnant. This notion alarms me, as mediocrity spreads like a contagious trait, permeating every facet of life if left unchecked. I reject the passive attitude of “let it be”, “its working”, “that’s ok”. Life is beautiful, but it also requires careful nurturing to truly blossom.

I am an accidental cat parent, and I love it.

I never saw myself as a cat person, but fate had other plans! Now two furry fluffballs rule my home, and let me tell you, life’s way more fun with purrs and paws underfoot. Sure, they may nap on my keyboard, scratch all sofas, and shred the occasional yarn ball, but their love melt away any annoyance.

I love video games, every bit and ounce of it.

I’m all about video games—like, seriously, every single bit of it! You know how sometimes you stumble upon your passions without even realizing it? Well, for me, gaming is where it’s at. I don’t play games to spend time; I love the whole thing! From the magic of creating immersive worlds to geeking out over the latest tech used in gaming, and even diving deep into the stories of both gamers and developers—I’m totally hooked. It’s more than just a hobby or profession; it’s a whole vibe that I can’t get enough of.

I support #No Estimation movement

The #No-Estimates movement is a philosophy that I strongly support. It challenges the traditional approach of estimating time and effort for completing tasks or projects. Instead of spending valuable time and resources on estimating, the #No-Estimates movement advocates for focusing on delivering value and continuously improving the work process.

I support #NoBannerAds movement

I support the #NoBannerAds movement because, I am not a product to be sold by any advertising intermediary. I prefer my digital experience to respect my attention and prioritize quality content. Instead of transforming digital experience into an endless advertisement board, lurking to garner that one click, I will prefer to have a paid version with minimal distraction and maximum security.