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DS Store – Touchscreen Point of Sale Visualizer

Experience the future of car buying with our interactive kiosk, allowing you to build your dream car on a giant, high-definition display.

Year: 2021-2023

About Project

3DExcite and Taktus Agency collaborated to develop a touchscreen car configurator for DS Stores. This innovative application allows customers to personalize their dream vehicles from the DS3, DS4, DS7, and DS9 lineups.

The application has been successfully deployed across 70+ DS Stores throughout Europe. Maintaining optimal stability was a critical objective during live operations, ensuring a seamless user experience for customers.

Project Development


This project involved developing a sophisticated point-of-sale system centered on a dual-screen experience. A touchscreen device served as the primary input for the car configurator.

Content Creation at Scale:

  • A significant undertaking involved creating comprehensive content for four distinct DS carlines, encompassing all their variants.

Modular Design and Communication:

  • To ensure scalability and maintainability, 3DExcite implemented a modular architecture. This involved separating common components like the configurator, renderer, and client UI, enabling them to communicate seamlessly via WebSockets or REST APIs.

Prioritizing Stability and Consistency:

  • Maintaining system stability and feature consistency throughout the project lifecycle was paramount. This was especially crucial during live operations, as the application was deployed across more than 70 dealerships in Europe.

  • Application Stability and Performance:
  • As the primary (and often sole) developer, ensured application stability throughout the development lifecycle, especially during updates and modifications.
  • Maintained the Unity Windows Runtime environment, responsible for loading asset bundles and managing variant switching.
  • Communication and Collaboration:
  • Served as the primary point of contact for the product development team, testing team, and client.
  • Facilitated project cohesion by harmonizing change requests, bug validations, and feature requests across all stakeholders.
  • Technical Lead
  • Modular communication architecture utilizing REST APIs and WebSockets to facilitate seamless interaction between the configurator, renderer, application, and user interface.
  • Conducted rigorous API validation to ensure compatibility with existing project functionality and prevent disruptions.

My Role and Responsibilities

Tools and Technology

  • Game Engine: Unity 2019
  • Scripting: C#
  • Version Control: Bitbucket, SVN
  • Project Management: Agile Methodology, Scrum, Jira, Confluence
  • Platform: Windows
  • Tools: Postman, WebSockets, Windows Presentation Form, TeamViewer, Jenkins

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